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Blender by Teresa

Smoothie making for dummies.

Hi! You want to incorporate healthy foods like smoothies into your life but don’t know where to start? I give you some easy simple tips so you can start right away! STEP 1: Buy a GOOD BLENDER. The quality of the blender is really important because a smoothie really needs to be blended well to […]

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Edemame – healthiest snack in the world?

I love to make this EASY snack when I am hungry and in between meals! It is supersimple! You need frozen edemame/soy beans that you can find in the freezer in your supermarket (or in asian supermarkets in your neighborhood) . It is preferred to buy organic and non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). And I prefer […]

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Lonneke & Munemi

Green Shopping!

Today I went to have lunch with Munemi Imai, who is a top make up artist, and besides that she always makes me so beautiful when we work together, is also a very nice woman to hang out with! She also contributes on Organice Your Life®, the website and the magazine, about aromatherapy and skincare, […]

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