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hemp milk

Get your HEMPY on!… Hemp Mylk

Today I’m excited to share with you my glorious new Hemp Mylk recipe which is not only SF DF GF, but also NUT FREE! Seriously super awesome! Just sipping on an organic Dande Latte (only with the milk below) & its amazzze. So here it is. Easy & yummy, superfood-y, super-frothy Hemp Mylk… Recipe: 1/3 cup hulled hemp […]

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I cook in varying degrees, if you like, of healthiness!…Depending on whom I’m cooking for. This is a recipe I enjoy for myself, although my family who are not as raw conscious as I am, much prefer chocolate pancakes… I know Organice Your Life readers are quite raw food minded, & I’m sure you’ll enjoy […]

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abi's chocolateee

Abi’s ‘Model Chocolate’ Eco Block

We models need chocolate right? It can get us from one casting to another, one shoot to another while still keeping us feeling light & energetic … Actually raw cacao chocolate is a wonderful superfood for any one of us who wants to look & feel our very best, as well as have the energy […]

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abi's cacao vanilla halva


SOOO CRAZY BUSY working on all the planning for fashion/beauty/chocolate shoots for my up & coming book MODEL CHOCOLATE & I can’t share the real ripper recipes, but here’s a little idea for you to get more cacao into your day as well as more calcium. SESAME halva has long been hailed a beauty food […]

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sesame seeds

Savoury Sprinkles

These delicious cheesy sprinkles are great on just about anything. From soups to tomato on toasted wholegrain bread to salads! SOO YUM. I’ve just made a delicious organic spinach/goats cheese/potato/portabello mushroom bake for the family which I’m topping with my Savoury Sprinkles for extra delish & nutrients too!! :) RECIPE: 1 cup sesame seeds, lightly toasted […]

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pumkin pie notes

Abi’s Pumpkin Pie

Hi again! How’s everyone? Most people who know me know I prefer raw desserts (especially RAW CHOCOLATE!) but every now & then I’ll cook an old fashioned favourite with local organic ingredients. Tonight I’m treating the family to pumpkin pie for dessert & I quickly jotted down the recipe as I went so I could share it with […]

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Weird & Wonderful ~ Seaweed

Seaweed is excellent for EVERYTHING. Seriously. Check out some of the nutritional benefits: *Nori has twice as much Vitamin C as oranges, packed with beta-carotene like carrots, rich in calcium for your bones, iodine and iron for thyroid, and are great in making sushi. *Arame is laden with macro minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodine. *Kelp […]

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boxed chocolates!


HI BELOVED OYL READERS :D Hope you’ve had a most delightful Xmas, & may every healthy & beautiful vision for yourself come true in 2012. My supergorgeous raw chocolate book is coming. There is a quote, “SOONER THAN YOU THINK, LONGER THAN YOU WISH” & it definitely applies here!!!    MODEL CHOCOLATE ~ BRINGING YOU MORE ENERGY, LOVE […]

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