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40 things to do with kids in New York City

If you did not know yet, I tell you now: New York City is a great place to live, and to visit! In 2012 NYC broke a record with the amount of visitors & tourists they welcomed: 52 million! And it has been going up ever since. Mayor Bloomberg, who resigned at the end of […]

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5 rules to healthy food for children

I get this question a lot: what should I feed my children? What kind of perfect food for children should I prepare? I have 5 simple rules I live by when I have kids over, like my young nephews Navy & Milo, or other children. When I have kids of my own, I will also […]

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Hello guys. Inspired by my life and love I have to share some words with you… Everyone wants to love and be loved…I hear it a lot that isn’t an easy journey to find TRUE love. Actually it can be really simple, in my opinion. Listen to your heart , to your true self that […]

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Eatable Dior!?

Yesterday I went to such a nice workshop! My sister Agatha really likes to bake stuff, from cookies to pies to cupcakes. And they always look and taste extra fun! They either have Hello kitty shapes or bright pink icing or glitter, harts or stars sparkles on them! They are fun to watch and a […]

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