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Joey’s Circle of Five!

Do you know that feeling when you want to change the world? When you want to inspire people? But you can’t even inspire yourself sometimes? That’s how I felt a while ago. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. How to begin. How to get the energy again. Let me tell you about the months […]

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Mano Macchiato by Joey Holthaus

Mano Macchiato by Joey Holthaus

OYL contributors Joey Holthaus (Illustrator) and Mano Macchiato, collaborated on an exciting project. You know, craftsmanship is the future, and you will see it more and more around you. People want to know how things are made! People want something unique. That’s why I am excited when I see people around me being super creative, […]

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Organice my home!

Last year we had a big renovation in our rental house. Finally we got double (or insulated) glazing, central heating, a new ventilation system, new kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and new balconies. Everything was really old and dirty, so we were happy for this big change in our house. Not to mention the mount we […]

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The Fashion World Of Jean Paul Gaultier

French enfant terrible of pop couture Jean Paul Gaultier is one of my fashion heros. In 1990, when he designed the clothes of Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour (my other hero, as you know), I saw his sketches of the stage clothes in magazines at bookstores and they were art pieces of their own. His drawings […]

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2012 Year in review… hello 2013!

Follow me, I’ll be your river, river, I’m here to keep you floating Follow me, I’ll be your river, river, river, river, yeah Wherever you’re standing, I will be by your side Through the good, through the bad, I’ll never be hard to find Emeli Sandé – RIVER LYRICS   Every Monday morning my lovely […]

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Yes I did it! From today November 14th till 7 Januari 7th I’m proud to present my original work at ROOM 22 of THE fashion hotel Modez Arnhem! You can only see this work when you book the room. Hotel Modez is the newest hotel in Arnhem since September 15, 2012. Every single room is […]

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I use the Vitality & Energy Mask for a radiant skin


As the days are getting colder (well, here in the Netherlands) I have to be extra careful with my skin. Not every man likes to put some effort in his “beauty” skin care for men regime (most men only wash their faces with water and that’s it), but I’m a fanatic skin care user for […]

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Fruit Juice by Joey

Choose your JUICE!

One day in October 2011, I quit drinking alcohol. I quit after the worst hangover E-VER. The day before this hangover, I had a great party, and drank some beer. I didn’t drink too much, but my hangover on Sunday was terrible. My headache was so painful, and I couldn’t get out of bed. I […]

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Lonneke Engel and her love Cooper Milo

The love for horses

The relationship between a horse and a human is an old one. It goes way back. Before 3500 BC humans knew how to deal with the wild horses. They used them for agriculture, hunting, carrying luggage for long yourneys, and later on sports! Nowadays horses are still bred, for many sports like dressage, jumping, western […]

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Madonna Beautiful Killer MDNA 2012. Illustration by Atelier Joey Holthaus

Madonna supports people who are different!

What a night! What a performer! Queen of Pop Madonna visited the Netherlands with her much talked about world tour called MDNA, and Organice Your Life® was there too! I was there with my husband Mark, and we were some of the lucky ones who won two Golden Triangle tickets. We’ve bought some very expensive […]

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Lonneke, Maruja & Joey brainstorming

That’s what friends are for. Part 1.

O.K. This is going to be an ode to a few of my dear and best friends (and OYL contributors) who have been in my life for some time, and proof me over and over why they are the best friends in the world! Friends of Lonneke, part 1. the Netherlands edition. It is not […]

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Legalize Gay

Gay Pride NYC 2012

Yesterday New York City was full of gay men and lesbians who were partying like their life depended on it. for good reason: It was the annual Gay Pride Parade! I love to be in NYC when this parade is happening. Everybody is so happy and smiling! The streets are a big mess (but the […]

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