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The other day Lonneke, Joey, Ross (English editor of the latest OYL magazines) and I had a VERY productive and fun brainstorm session! We are all entrepreneurs and for those of you who are as well, you know how easy it is to get lost in all the small details of your business and forget […]

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Inspiration: the key to life?

We all find Inspiration in many ways. Whether it is from others, nature, travel… it surrounds us every single moment of our waking hours. But how to stay inspired?- sometimes I find that hard! I am inspired for a moment, but prolonging that inspiration takes some practice. Always keep your eyes open, at all times, […]

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wellbeing yoga diary


Hi again, beautiful OYL readers… I’m posting this for myself as well as anyone of you who may read it. You see, WE ALL NEED MOTIVATION. Daily. Hourly, even minute by minute! So I’m going to open up my personal (very new) ‘Yoga’ Diary, for you to see here & it’s very honest! I hope […]

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Be Brave

It’s cold and rainy here in NYC. Perfect weather for tea, reading, candles, relaxation and reflection. Wanted to share this little piece that I recently came along. It’s only words, but when you take those words and truly think and apply them, you have the power to change your life, and those around you.   […]

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Inspiration Mid-Week

I came across this quote today on my best friends blog: …like a Rolling Stone ( which you have to check out as she is one of the most inspirational people I know! who also happens to have the called DaniPress which you can purchase anytime.anywhere.) She posted this today &  this was something I needed to hear […]

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RIP Steve Jobs

May our deepest thoughts go out to the family and friends of Steve Jobs. We have lost a true genius, visionary, and one of the most inspirational human beings of our time. We truly would not be who we are today without him. OYL is powered by the genius that is Steve Jobs. Not only […]

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Love People and Life, Not Stuff

We are ALL in love with stuff — with shopping, with acquiring, with owning, with collecting! I know it is easy to do this. But let’s lust after life instead. Our obsession with stuff has become unhealthy. When we have a void in our lives, we buy things (we have all done it!) When we have problems, […]

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