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Spinning Plates

Spinning Plates documentary

Attention Foodies: this is a documentary about the love of food, and how food brings together people: Spinning Plates by director Joseph Levy.  It is a lovely adventure through 3 different types of restaurants, with the main focus on the nr. 1 restaurant of the USA: Alinea Restaurant and chef Grant Achatz. I went to […]

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Waste Land

One of the most awe-inspiring documentaries of the year 2010, “Waste Land” captures an artist’s quest to find a balance between art and the transformative power of giving. Vik Muniz, a man of vision and extraoridinary talent sets out to visit the world’s largest dumpster, Jardim Gramacho in Brazil, to capture the essence and life […]

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Valentina by Alique

OYL Original Interview: Top Model Valentina Zelyaeva

Get to know OYL contributor and top model Valentina Zelyaeva through the Organice Your Life® circle of 5: What’s it like to see yourself in almost all the advertising for Ralph Lauren? What does the perfect day look like for her? What does she love? Valentina, top model and THE face of Ralph Lauren, gives us […]

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Bully Project

BULLY, the movie.

Today Antoniette Costa and I went to a special screening of the documentary “Bully“, hosted by Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper and backed by Harvey Weinstein amongst other institutions. Bully is directed by Lee Hirsch, and follows a group of Americans, who have had to deal with bullying one way or another. Whether they were bullied […]

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GetVegucated: A New Documentary

In hunt of a new documentary to watch I came across ‘GetVegucated’. Now I haven’t had a chance to watch it (I missed the screening in NYC), but I wanted to share it with you straight away. Here is a small synopsis of what it is about: Vegucated is a feature-length documentary that follows three meat- […]

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