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40 things to do with kids in New York City

If you did not know yet, I tell you now: New York City is a great place to live, and to visit! In 2012 NYC broke a record with the amount of visitors & tourists they welcomed: 52 million! And it has been going up ever since. Mayor Bloomberg, who resigned at the end of […]

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Beau Young: Peace be with you.

Beau Young >> The name conjures up a gorgeous image which inspires me! It’s one of my favourite Aussie surfer, poised on the nose of his 9.4 surfboard, five toes over, left leg bent behind him from the knee with foot raised behind him, arms outstretched – ‘crucifix five.‘ How is it that I was […]

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Ecojot Stationary: Eco-Friendly & Social Mission

With students heading back to school, I just wanted to highlight an amazing stationary company that is both eco-friendly (100% Recyclable Material) and has a wonderful mission and ‘Give Program’. Ecojot ‘s give program goes with the ‘Buy 1, Give 1’ philospothy… with the sale of their journals and sketchbooks, they donate a school workbook […]

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