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Model Chocolate E-Book


Model Chocolate! Bringing you more energy, love & beauty with every supergorgeous bite.

194 pages of chocolate recipes that cab be made in minutes! Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and delicious!

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Product Description

What’s in the Model Chocolate book?

Over 70 superfood chocolate recipes ranging from Breakfasts and Snacks, Fashionable Desserts, Cacao Elixirs and Miscellaneous recipes. Featuring stunning fashion/beauty imagery throughout, Model Chocolate is as visually enriching as it is enticing to the appetite. Mostly raw and prepared in minutes there are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free or nut free recipes to suit everyone and enliven any occasion. Written by Australian model/mum Abigail O’Neill.

What’s an e-book?

Ahh you are in for a treat! The electronic book version allows you to view the whole document on any of your devices – computer, tablet, and even smartphone! As an extra, the ebook is filled with interactive hyperlinks, letting you quickly jump from page to page by simply clicking on the words!
In the download you will receive a single PDF file which is about 70mb in size.