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Peacefood cafe 1NYC is the place to be for vegan food! This is another one on my favorites list: Peacefood Cafe NYC.

On 11th street between University Place & Broadway PeaceFood Cafe opened there latest restaurant. I have been to the one in the Upper West Side of NYC, but it is a bit out of the direction I usually have to go when I am in NYC. So I am very happy they opened one downtown just a bit South from Union Square!

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Their menu needs a bit of investigating to discover the great things they have to offer. You have to realize everything they offer is vegan: nothing is made with animal products. But they serve great healthy things, and some that resemble the bite of meat too!

It is a great place to just go for a snack or coffee/tea with a sweet bite, a vegan sandwich, as well as for a full dinner.

Their Shanghai Dumplings are a great snack, and their pizzas are tasty too!

Peacefood cafe 3But my favorite dish is the simple roasted and sautéed veggies plate for dinner. You can chose 4 of your favorite vegetables. It seems they use a certain oil to sauté it in, so it tastes absolutely delicious! ( I pick Brussels Sprouts, Japanese Pumpkin, Sautéed kale, broccoli)

But I also like to order their special of mashed potatoes, mushrooms, gravy and other vegetables that are in season. It is like what your mother used to make but the healthy version the vegan way.

What I also love here are the special teas (Mother’s Bouquet is a favorite) and the desserts are to die for! If you love the recipes of Australian top model Abigail O’Neill and her book Model Chocolate I made, you love it here too! They make a raw & vegan chocolate pie and I tried the raw key lime pie: so good!

Love, Lonneke

PeaceFood Cafe NYC

460 Amsterdam Avenue @82nd street
10am-10pm everyday

41 East 11th street @University Place
10am-10pm Everyday

Peacefood cafe chocolate pie

 Pictures courtesy of Peace Food Cafe. Click here for more images!

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