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Organizing my Closet: Shoes



Lonneke's shoe closet

Shoes. Shoes Shoes.

I have too many of them!


Just like most girls in the world.

The problem is: I never get rid of a pair.

So my collection is getting to an Imelda Marcos’ size

(Imelda , First lady of Philippines from 1956 on for twenty years, was known for her huge collection of about 2500 pairs. But also for her lavish lifestyle which she paid for reportedly with public funds. That’s bad, but us girls, we work hard for our shoes!)

I need to organize my shoes!

Here are some tips:

  • really, the shoes I have not worn the past 5 years, have to go. Unless they have some emotional value to me. Then they go to my box with memorabilia, and are put away.
  • Shoe boxes are genius. You can put them on top of each other ( have u tried that with shoes themselves? Quite hard!) And the shoes are protected.
  • If I use them, I write down on the box, what shoes are in there For example: “ Black Christian Louboutin platform High Heels” or “ Favorite Zara golden sandals”
  • I might even put a picture of the shoes on the outside. So I don’t have to open them
  • High heels with High Heels, sneakers with sneakers, running shoes with running shoes.
  • Another suggestion: Write down exactly how much you wear a pair of shoes, That clears up whether the shoes were a hit or miss. If you were expensive shoes every day, they have been a great buy. If you never wear them, it was a bad decision.
  • But best of all is a closet specially made for shoes just like mine!

If you want to get rid of shoes, sell them to a vintage store close to you, or bring them to one of the collection points for clothing collection, for recycling:

And last tip: First check your closet before you go shopping!

Love, Lonneke

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