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Lonneke & Carolina making chocolate

Making of Model Chocolate

Carolina, Fabio, Dirk and I recently spent some time in my Organice Your Life® kitchen in NYC making delicious chocolate treats! We first went through the Model Chocolate book by top model & OYL contributor Abigail O’Neill, and picked our 2 favorite recipes.

Lonneke & Carolina making chocolateLonneke & Carolina 

Fabio Dirk Carolina1From left to right: Fabio, Dirk & Carolina

Australian model Abigail just released her first chocolate & super foods book full of yummy desserts & treats called “Model Chocolate”. And send us a copy too to try some desserts! So we spent the whole night preparing the recipes and we had a lot of fun!

From the many, many recipes, I chose the pie Love Me Bittersweet Jaffa Pie and Carolina chose the cookies.

model chocolate book

The pie is a mix of pure, organic ingredients like shredded coconut, pure chocolate nibs & powder, orange oil, orange juice, macadamia nuts and dates.  It is probably the most expensive pie I ever made, as most of the ingredients are not cheap, but it is one of the best pies I ever tasted! The amount of each ingredient was really perfect, you could really taste the orange oil & juice in the “aftertaste”. And all the ingredients are uncooked, organic and actually healthy for you! Of course you don’t eat the whole pie at once, so after the pie was made, and we all had a piece with a nice cup of tea, we split the remaining pie and Carolina & Fabio took their half home. We later found out we all ate a little piece each night after dinner as a treat until it was finished! So the whole week we all enjoyed it. So in the end it was something we could enjoy for so long it wasn’t an expensive pie at all.

macadamia dates coconut flakes 1The ingredients for the crust of the pie are mixed together in a blender.

making crust of raw pieFabio is making the crust of the pie by pressing the pie mixture really well to get a solid and strong bottom of the pie

pouring of chocolateFabio ads the chocolate mixture onto the crust

Carolina pouring chocolateCarolina sprinkles raw cacao nibs on top.

Model chocolate book 1Model Chocolate book with the chocolate pie after coming out of the fridge.

Model Chocolate pie 2We love a piece of this chocolate pie!

The whole recipe for this delicious pie you can find in the Model Chocolate book .

The cookies were a mix of ingredients like chocolate powder,spelt meal, maca, macadamia oil, coconut oil. These pictures are going to be posted in an article by Carolina so stay tuned!

If you are interested in making these recipes yourself , you can buy the Ebook  and/or the hardcopy in our OYL shop HERE>

What are you making next from the Model Chocolate recipe book?

Love, Lonneke


All pictures copyrighted by Organice Your life® 

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One Response to Making of Model Chocolate

  1. christophe November 9, 2013 at 2:32 am #

    Hi cooks,
    Thank you and congratulations to all four for have made ​​these two recipes, the chocolate pie “love me bittersweet jaffa” seems so delicious, it really makes me want, and I’m sure the cookies were just as delicious. (Woww, a whole week to eat this chocolate pie, you’re really no greedy !!).
    I also bought the book (ebook) for my mom, but unfortunately and to be honest she didn’t make much recipes (or if she has made, she didn’t tell me !).
    Thank you again to all four, and also thank you to the queen of raw chocolate Abigail.

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