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Lonneke’s favorites: Best Food in Eindhoven


Born and raised in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, I still visit this City of Design and Technology, and “2011 Smartest Region of the World” often. When I am there, I like to relax, spend time with my family, friends and horses. I also look forward to the dinners with my in-laws, as my mother-in-law Marlies is an excellent cook, and I always look forward what she has cooked for us that night.

One of Marlies’ signature dishes is this colorful avocado Vegan fruit dessert. Recipe you can find HERE>

tropical vegan fruit dessert


I can tell you a lot about Eindhoven, and share many amazing things. (Things like our soccer champion PSV Eindhoven, the birthplace of Philips Electronics, the Hight Tech Campus, to name a few) But until recently, good places to eat weren’t on my list of tips… until now! The past years Eindhoven has added many new restaurants to the list, that can appear on my Best Food in Eindhoven list. To get on my list is difficult, as I prefer organic food, cooked fresh and with love. Other people who know Eindhoven, or many other places in the Netherlands, know that a lot of restaurants go the easy route, and buy their sauces, soups, pasta’s and other food items ready-to-go from grocery stores like Hanos, Sligro and Makro. Most of the time I taste it, and I appreciate it when I taste fresh flavors. Eindhoven is still way behind New York City, but I encourage the steps the City and its people are taking in offering good food.

In random order, these are my favorite places to get food, or go for breakfast, lunch or dinner in 2016 . (o.k., there are 13 favorite places in total, but 3 of them are places where you can buy ingredients for food, so they don’t specialize in prepared and cooked food. This means you still have to cook yourself! )

Lonneke’s favorites: Best Food in Eindhoven

  • Stadsbakkerij Broodt Eindhoven When in Eindhoven, we get our daily organic sourdough bread here, baked with love by Baker Dido and his team. Dido used to work a corporate job at Philips, but decided to became an organic baker. My favorites are the daily soup (if available), the hummus sandwich (Dido makes the best Hummus ever) The brownies with more than 70% cacao, the typical dutch “Worstenbroodjes” (sausagerolls) and yummy butter croissants. I also like the serve Puro coffee. This place was also our dog Vito‘s favorite place, and Broodt’s bread was his favorite food. He was basically obsessed with it, and every walk he wanted to go there. He was always very upset if Broodt was closed!Broodt EindhovenBroodt Eindhoven 2Vito at Broodt 1VITO at Broodt Eindhoven


  • Pit 040  owners Irene and Henk Jan first worked as teachers but decided in 2014 to turn their lives around and start the first salad bar of Eindhoven. We like to choose the salads they recommend, which change every season, but you can also build your own salad with fresh ingredients. I especially like that the salads are big and make you feel full because of the bulghur, rice or chickpeas added. I also recommend the freshly made soups and desserts. We like to take the salads to go!
    Pit 040 at nightVito the Dog at PitPit 040 1


  • Meneer de Boer All day breakfast in Eindhoven and more! Fresh fruit smoothies, a tea bar, egg sandwiches with truffle oil, and my favorite and the bestseller sandwich with green pea hummus and goat cheese. The owners Sabine & Maurice are always friendly and welcoming, and are always open for a chat.Meneer de Boer 1Meneer de Boer 2Meneer de Boer 2


  • Wielercafé De Velosoof Located at the “NRE Terrein” this is a hidden gem. A cafe all about cycling (you can get your bike repaired or buy cycling gear) but they also have a nice lunch menu and it is comfortable to sit and enjoy. Owners are nice, check it out!Vito the Dog at Velosoof wielercafe Eindhoven


  • The Happiness Cafe This place is pretty new and has gotten mixed reviews from my friends, but it is very popular, and I would go back for the raw food desserts which are delicious!The Happiness Cafe 1The Happiness Cafe 2The Happiness Cafe Eindhoven 3


  • Ekoplaza Stratumsedijk Of course I also need to do grocery shopping as I cook a lot too. My experience with this particular Ekoplaza is that all the employees are extremely nice and know everything about the organic food they sell. Many to-go options too. (photo “stolen” from 2Balou‘s website, a cute clothing store in Eindhoven)Ekoplaza Stratumsedijk Eindhoven


  • Puur Pien. Owned by Pien, she cooks every day (except Sunday) for you to take out your dinner. So far everything I tried was delicious, and for a fair price as well. If you don’t like to cook, I would recommend going here for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu changes every week. (picture below one of her weekly menus)  Check out a video of Puur Pien: 
    Puur PienPuur Pien 2


  • Restaurant Piet Hein Eek. The World famous designer Piet Hein Eek has his own special place on the border of Eindhoven in Strijp-R. An old factory has turned into his showroom, office, workspace, event space, and also a restaurant. During the years the quality of the restaurant went up and down, it used to be my favorite place of all. But I recommend going for lunch. During the day you can also enjoy the showroom and special design elements in this very nice space. Also suitable to go for a wine or a coffee.Vito the Dog at Piet Hein Eek
     Piet Hein Eek Food
  • Ekin Turkish Food. A delicatessen shop in Eindhoven owned by a Turkish family, where I go to get freshly made very nice couscous and other Turkish delights like “smeertjes” (different nut based pates with different vegetables like artichokes, roasted peppers, pinenuts, feta cheese) and turkish bread, turkish pizza and stuffed peppers. (no pictures, just go)
  • Genneper Hoeve. An organic farm where you can buy organic chicken raised on the farm, organic meat coming from the cows and pigs that live on the farm, eggs cheese and other local treats you can buy here at the farm in the middle of one of the only green places left in Eindhoven. It is a nice place to walk around the Genneper Parken. Also if you walk a bit further up the road, there is a watermill where they sell fresh ground flour for many different kinds of bread. There is also an pet shop where you can buy food and treats for your dog.
  • The Weekly Organic Market in Eindhoven: The “Duurzame Week Markt Eindhoven” is happening weekly on Saturdays from 10 am to 4pm at the Wilhelminaplein in the City Center. You find everything from organic bread, eggs, vegetables, meat and even pies and specialty olive oils, wines, jams and more. (love it, especially the spelt croissants by Bakker Meelmuts bakery. I remember as a young child I once went to this bakery with my class and we made our own bread. I remember mine was in the shape of a cat)


  • Butler’s Table Last but not least: Butler’s Table. My favorite restaurant in Eindhoven! Butler Marcel is a real butler, and will make your experience at the restaurant unforgettable. Joris is the chef and food designer, and he will make something specially for you, after you have told him your allergies and dislikes. The food looks amazing each time, and you taste flavors you have never tasted before. I never like desserts too much, but at Butler’s Table I can’t wait for dessert! p.s. everything in the restaurant is for sale too, some products have a nice story behind them, ask Marcel to explain :)
  • Butlers Table logoButler Marcel and Chef Joris from Butlers Table
  • Butlers Table 1Butlers Table 2


I hope you liked my favorites for best food in Eindhoven!


Love, Lonneke

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  1. christophe May 10, 2016 at 11:03 am #

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Really super nice to see a new Article from you Lonneke, I really thought that you let down your website. (Your website is really important (healthy food, nature, health, news …..) Lonneke, it would be really unfortunate to drop !).
    Really a big thank you for the presentation of your favorite healthy restaurants,
    (Lonneke, Dirk, all my deepest condolences for the death of Vito, I’m sure he looks at you and watch over you from Heaven. As everyone knows, Vito was an amazing dog, very affectionate and always smiling, I know he meant a lot to both of you. and I know he miss you a lot. Again all my condolences).
    Thank you again Lonneke.

    • Lonneke Engel May 11, 2016 at 12:53 pm #

      Thank you Christophe, comments like yours makes it worthwhile to continue! I will never stop with Organice Your Life, because it is my way of life :) I will continue to post! Love, Lonneke

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