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LENA the Fashion Library

Consume Less – Live More, has been the motto of Organice Your Life® for years now, and the execution of this motto comes in many shapes and forms.  One of these is, to be a more conscious shopper, and don’t buy more than what you need.  Like becoming a more sustainable fashion consumer. But what if you can have access to an uncountable amount of amazing clothing options, without the need to buy it all?  In a way that you are fashionable, and eco-conscious too? That sounds awesome!

4 beautiful Dutch girls now give you this option. The sisters Angela, Diana & Elisa Jansen (Owners Doortje Vintage Eindhoven) who I have been friends with for many years have partnered up with Suzanne Smulder to realize the first ever fashion library where you can rent or borrow your outfit: LENA the Fashion Library. LENA is a physical fashion library in Amsterdam. The store is full of colorful unique, high-quality vintage clothing, and also a nice collection of brand new key item pieces.


You can become a member with a monthly subscription, or rent whenever you need something. Every membership kind has a value and an amount of clothes you can have in your possession at once. With a membership, you can come change these items as much as you want as long as you have the same amount of clothing in your possession. (And yes all clothing is washed before!)  This way your clothing closet has an endless amount of options for you to choose from, you always have something new to wear. Membership starts at as low as €19.95 a month.


LENA the Fashion Library estimates that women use about 20% of what is in their closet and 80% is unused because of many different reasons. This means your closet is full with 80% of stuff you bought but don’t wear. This is not only a bad thing for your wallet, but also takes up a  lot of space. LENA the Fashion Library can save all these problems at once: You always have something amazing to wear, you can change it up as much as you want, you pay a small amount a month for a membership, you reuse and share clothes making it better for the environment, and you always have space again in your closet!


And if you really like an item, you can buy it right away, or “try before you buy”. I think this is a great concept and I am sure many people will follow their lead in discovering all the possibilities that come with a clothing-sharing system.

LENA the Fashion Library has the ambition to grow to many cities in Europe and beyond. But for now you can find them in Amsterdam:

This was the funding video of LENA the Fashion Library in which they explain the concept:

Lena The Fashion Library

Westerstraat 174


Love, Lonneke

Consume less live more

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