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abi's sauerkraut


My sauerkraut has to be the totally best ever kraut in existence ANYWHERE. Why? Because its only 10 minutes + 8 – 10 days to make a few jars of organic pre-digested krauty goodness you can pop open anytime enjoying its immediate benefits on digestion, beauty & nutrition. PLUSSS its haute PINK ;) & I loovee hot pink ANYTHING. Pictured are two of my lunches this week: salad with HAUTE KRAUT & PESTO, & a quinoa green salad, which is now all hauted up.

All you need is:

One big head of organic red cabbage

1 tablespoon sea salt + 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

A food processor (to shred it quickly) or really good sharp knife & chopping board.



To make finely shred the cabbage as if making coleslaw. Put into a large bowl & squish with your hands along with the sea salt. The vinegar is optional. Keep squishing until the cabbage becomes juicy & bruised. Using a clean spoon & a some squeaky clean jars (any will do) compact down portions of squished cabbage until about 1 cm from the top of each. This will allow room for the kraut to expand slightly as it ferments. Put all your jars onto a serving tray & place in a cool dark place for 8 – 10 days. The tray is to catch any liquid that may bubble out!

Enjoy it with anything & everything. I love it on salads, toasted sourdough bread with goats cheese, eggplant pickle & kale or with steamed vege’s to add enzymes & good bacteria. Anything that promotes good bacteria in the gut makes you GORGEOUS. You knew that though right?!

Love & chocolate xxx Abigail

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One Response to HAUTE KRAUT

  1. Aaron J. October 26, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    That sounded amazing, I love a good sauerkraut so much. But not gonna lie, my first thought was a pile of it on a grilled bratwurst with Dusseldorf mustard and a hefe weizen stein of German beer. Don’t hate me, haha, I don’t really eat much meat, guess I’m a work in progress!
    Love & German food <3!

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