I start the day with a different smoothie every day. I like it because it helps my digestion going and I get many important nutrients in my body at the beginning of a long day. It gives me energy and especially when I am not feeling well this gives me an enormous boost in the morning.

Today I had a green smoothie. But don’t get fooled by the green, the color disguised a delicious sweet taste! The smoothie was so good and the color comes from Vitamineral Green powder by Healthforce Superfoods, which is a mix of many minerals from the sea & land. All beyond organic, so super good for you.

You need for 1 person:

1 banana

2 cups of almond milk

2 teaspoons of shredded coconut

1 teaspoon of pumpkin seeds

2 teaspoons of pea protein

1 big date or 2 small dates (remove pit)

1 teaspoon of Vitamineral Green powder (you can substitute with spirulina, chlorella or any other green powder with many boosting minerals & vitamins)

Mix all in a blender and enjoy this delicious smoothie!

Love, Lonneke