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The Organice Your Life ® Circle of Five

Organice Your Life® revolves around the Circle of Five. These 5 steps can help you to organize and improve your home, your finances, your career, your health, your relationships, and your good charitable work for others. We can give you the tools so you can make each area of your life the best possible! Simple steps can create big positive change, we believe especially when followed in our preferred order.

Follow the circle clockwise. Begin with step 1, to find a more balanced and successful you!

Organice Your Life - Circle of Five

At every step you should take a moment and think about how you are doing in that area. Draw a circle with 5 even parts ( the 5 steps) like our Circle of 5, and color in each part by how well you are doing on that subject. Write down what you can improve. Do this for each of the 5 steps, and from looking at your drawn circle,  you right away have a sense of what part of your life needs more work, and on what part you are doing well already. Then work on it, first step first, and follow the other steps once you are back at step 1. You can always at any point in life start this process again. Follow the circle whenever you feel like you are lost, and you will find the right path back to Organice Your Life™!

Step 1. Organice® Your Home.

You can’t really feel organized in your head, if the place you live in, is not organized. Whether it is your home or a temporary stay . How does your place look? Clean up, organize, fix things, and make it your happy home.

Step 2. Organice® Your Agenda.

Keep your agenda up to date. What things are on your list to do? What are important dates and events coming up? Keep track of things. Check what bills need to be paid and who is going to pay you. It is important to know exactly what your financial situation is. Think about your career and choose what job you like and what is going to make you money. What other work do you need to do? Make a to do list for your day, your week, and your month, and follow it. Solve the problems you might have with things on your list, and that you have been putting off. Putting things on paper makes you clear your head and put it to work.

Step 3. Organice® Yourself.

You are important! Take care of yourself. What can be improved? Take enough time to rest, sleep is good for you! Eat well, try different healthy foods and avoid junk food. Break a sweat, go work out and get your heart rate up. Just do things that are fun! Give yourself a make over, clean out your closet, get a new look. Get a massage or maybe experience a healing session. Read a book, spend time on your hobby. Do anything that makes you feel better. Find your spirituality, your health and your joy in life.

Step 4. Organice® Your Relationships.

Think about your relationships with people. Your loved ones, family and friends: Who do you like to hang out with, and who don’t you like to be with? The ones that give you good energy, you should spend a lot of time with. The ones that give you negative feelings, should get as little of your time as possible. Maybe you are missing someone? Get back in contact with them! Or someone has been bothering you? Maybe avoid hanging out with them. Have people around you, who make you feel good!

Step 5. Organice® Your Good Heart.

When you have taken care of yourself, and your life, that’s when you can start giving back. If you are not balanced, it is hard to give yourself to people, because you need the energy yourself. Of course you can give money, but more powerful than money is your time given to the good cause. Your time and knowledge is the most valuable. You can do things, big or small, it does not matter. Do things you believe in your heart are right and good. You can help other people, animals, Nature. Start a movement or help an old lady cross the street. Find your inner strength, and start sharing the good in you!

Start now and get Organiced®!

The Organice Your Life® Team

Code by Dirk Verest