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Bill Jensen: The Simplicity Survival Handbook

We love good books that can help us “organice” our lives! Here is another good one:

The Simplicity survival handbook by Bill Jensen is about how you should manage your time at work, and help you be more productive.

The main idea? DO LESS! A few insights we got from the Simplicity Survival Handbook:

  • Filter all the stuff you receive through your phone and email and try to perfect the art of work not done.
  • Of 325 pages of info, only 5 you NEED!
  • Ask yourself what is in it for me?
  • Prevent information overload.
  • Every 550 days mails, texts and messages DOUBLES!
  • Pay attention during meetings! (don’t check phone and mails)
  • 2 to 4 hours a day are wasted on communication.
  • This also about respect: Treat your colleges like you would want to be treated!
  • Find the guts to make changes!
  • There are only 1440 minutes a day! You don’t get any more.

Interesting right?  BUY THE BOOK

simplicity survival hand book

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One Response to Bill Jensen: The Simplicity Survival Handbook

  1. Aaron J. December 29, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

    Been there, done that, haha. I don’t know anyone who lives a simpler life than me, at least in the developed world. I believe totally that ‘multi-tasking’ is an impossible oxymoron, this is why people who text and drive, for example, endanger everyone on the road. Life is meant to be lived in the moment, one thing/day at a time, with 100 percent attention and appreciation of each basic unit of time. “Less is more” should be the mantra for this age, if not, the limits of economic growth, population, resources, etc, will be ignored, then exceeded, with a collapse of all we hold dear. And the wonderful, miracle and solution to so many modern ills/problems is that it is just that – simple. As the saying, ‘it’s as simple as that’. I was watching ‘miracle on 34th st’, and was thinking as characters spoke on the telephone, there is nothing new under the sun, When the sun comes up in the morning, despite a few new gadgets in our digital age, we all still have to do the same things – eat, drink, sleep, clean, work, and love, and I think that has been forgotten in the unnecessarily complicated/accelerated pace nowadays.

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