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In NYC we can find a lot of restaurants. A lot of fast-food restaurants, as well as high-end cuisine. Any kind of cuisine you can find here as well. And organic versions of these fast food & high end restaurants are here too. Let me introduce to you: Bare Burger NYC.

Bare Burger NYC started with I believe just one place downtown NYC close to the NYU area, and quickly expanded, maybe also because of their franchise system. Loved by students and locals who appreciate good, simple comfort food with a low price tag, this place becomes such a success fast that new Bare Burger NYC restaurants are opening all over town. There are over 15 restaurants also outside of NYC.

We go quite a lot as it is easy and very close to where we live. And the choices of salads and burgers give you plenty of different choices to choose from each time! Their menu includes big healthy salads, healthier versions of burgers with organic ingredients, organic fries, organic milkshakes & beer: Check their MENU.

I have been going here from the beginning. Their restaurant has a nice vibe and the terrace as well!

George & DavidBareburger Terrace at the end of the Summer of 2011 ( usually the terrace is full of tables) with my best friends George & David

Lonneke eating Portabella mushroom burgerInterior at Bare Burger La Guardia Place (I am eating the portobello mushroom burger they used to have and a house salad as a side)

Love a burger? Bare Burger  has a great system for you to choose your ideal burger! Pick your bun, patty, toppings, sauces and sides. Ever heard of an elk or bison burger? or a black bean burger? They got them here! And all organic of course.

Dirk Loves the black bean burger at Bare Burger. Bare Burger terrace Summer 2013Veggie quinoa burger

The vegetable-quinoa California burger at Bare Burger

Love fries? I love the sweet potato fries! And they fry them in peanut oil (they say it is healthier) And they come with 4 Bare Burger original dips.. still deciding which one is my favorite….

Bare burger friesThe regular fries and yummy dips

Love a milkshake? They got a milkshake made for you from scratch! Fresh ice cream, organic fruits, a bit of organic cane sugar and shake it baby!

Oh, and if you really want to eat healthy: they have about 10 delicious salads and you can add just a patty without the bun to it. Problem solved.

Bare Burger salad 1The Asian Salad and sweet potato fries

Mexican SaladThe Mexican Salad at Bare Burger

The last time I went with Dirk, Carolina & Fabio, and we all ordered different things. (I just had my mouth full with fries when we took the picture but I tried to smile anyway haha)

Bare Burger LogoDirk and I chose a vegetarian burger with lots of veggies. Dirk had the black bean California burger and I had the quinoa Veggie California burger. We also ordered regular fries and sweet potato fries and we got many sauces to go with it. Oh and I also love the ice tea they have. It is a different one every day.

Even the interior is from reclaimed materials, and the ambiance is relaxed, cosy and a great place to bring your friends, or go to with people who are difficult eaters. (hey, everyone likes fries and burgers right?)

Click the Button for all Bare Burger locations in NYC  and enjoy the food!

Bare Burger Locations

Love, Lonneke

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