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A great alternative to horse drawn carriages in NYC

You might have heard that there have been a few incidents involving carriage horses in New York City in the past. While on duty, the horses in these accidents either got hit by a car, died while working, or got spooked for one reason or another. If you have ever been in NYC, and especially around Central park/Columbus Circle/5th Avenue, you have seen the carriages and their horses lined up waiting for some “ignorant” tourists to go on a “romantic” trip. Ignorant I say, because they probably don’t know the living and working conditions these horses are in every day. They have to work almost every day, doesn’t matter how hot or how cold. In a noisy city with dangerous traffic, and they live in small, dark stables that are fire hazards. I think years ago, and I mean decades ago, it must have seemed a romantic idea of going around town in a carriage, but reality is that in the meantime the traffic in the city has increased by 1000% or so, and it is just not safe anymore. I am confident we can take all the carriage horses of the streets very soon, by buying the rights from the owners and bringing them to safe pastures somewhere in the countryside. These horses are sweet natured, but don’t belong in the city. It is not safe for them, but these horse drawn carriages are also not safe for pedestrians and other people that take part in the traffic everyday.

Carriage horses at Central Park

Carriage horses at Central Park

One of these accidents happend with a 6 year old horse named “Ore0” (love the name) bolted as he got spooked by a car that honked near him.

*6 year old is very young for a horse to let you know. It is logical that he doesn’t know everything yet and can get scared. Actually, it does not matter how old or young the horse is, it is a living creature with feelings and emotions and any horse could spook.

On board were the driver and a couple hoping for a nice ride through the park. What they got was a horse that took off and had them falling off and getting hurt. He took off and an onlooker a few blocks down managed to capture Oreo. Of course Oreo was so scared of everything around him (he is a horse and he was in the middle of traffic alone) So when the police came, they had to shoot him with a tranquilizer shot. He fell to the ground and people passing by were watching this in horror. Read what happened exactly here. What I have read is that the injuries of the people were not major. And Oreo? They are giving him another vet check, but the first check showed only some bruises around his mouth. Yeah right, let’s not mention the psychological trauma he endured that he has to live with for the rest of his life.

"Oreo tranquilized"

“Oreo caught & tranquilized on the streets of NYC”

I love horses, and I live in NYC. Therefore  I am excited that we CAN stop this because there is a great alternative! The people of NYClASS continuously protest the horse drawn carriage industry in NYC, and actually have designed an electrical car or “horseless carriage” to drive tourists around Central Park. This way the transportation of people who want to see the beautiful views of New York City, can be safe and clean too. I love the idea! If you are all for this idea, you can support it by signing this petition, and maybe even donate some money so they can develop a prototype. I think it is a great solution, very fun and a good looking idea too!

horseless carriage

“horseless carriage by NYCLASS”

I am really brainstorming on finding out how we can stop the carriage horses in the City and having these cars all over! Do you have any ideas how we can do this? I wish I could adopt Oreo and find a place upstate… we would only do fun rides in the woods and he would be in the pasture the rest of the day! I hope this will soon be reality instead of a dream.. Horse drawn carriages in NYC are so 1904! Thankfully Bill de Blasio comes into office as the new Mayor of New York City in 2014, and he has spoken out against the horse carriage industry. Hopefully he will change this situation for the better.

Become friends with NYCLASS on Facebook or Twitter.

Love, Lonneke

Me with one of my horses: Cooper Milo

With one of my horses: Cooper Milo

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2 Responses to A great alternative to horse drawn carriages in NYC

  1. jorntkay August 18, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    Maybe Ford, with it’s American heritage should take on the challenge and invest in these classic looking electric carriages, which also contributes to the meaningful marketing/ social responsibility strategy of the Ford brand/ company. It’s just a first idea, I will be happy to participate the brainstorm.

    With kind regards, Jornt Kay

  2. Aaron J. August 22, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    Those stupid carriage rides should be banned, to me it’s like the opposite of romance. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like animal cruelty(sarcasm). When I hike on our Ahnapee trail, there are horse riders and sometimes a carriage like that, but it is country, and sweetly silent, except for the sound of the wind and birds and the air is clean, and I’m no horse whisperer or anything, but when they pass by they seem happy and healthy stretching their legs and appreciating the country with their riders. When I was a kid, we got a sweet dog that all I remember came from bad conditions, and like Oreo, she was traumatized by noises for the rest of her life, even sounds that were only moderately loud would make her tremble, so it’s true that the animals never forget those incidents. The ultimate, ideal goal would be a retro-styled car like that powered by renewable energy for these city slickers, haha..’city folk'(jack palance voice’), haha

    It’s so not a big deal, but the inspirational quote ‘shoot for the moon…’ maybe should be credited to Les Brown? The only reason I remember, is I read some of a book of his in the library a long time ago and wrote it in the notebook.

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